The Journey


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Fried quail egg, Steamed red mullet, Marinated turbot, seasonal vegetables with mackerel mousse

Yubiki of tuna and tsukimidare sauce

Tomato's water 2022

Sashimi of the day

Eggplant in bouillon of chicken,
Nakaochi style tuna tartar, Sea bass sashimi with shisostou served with marinated daikon radish, Marinated Deep fly of square squid marinade, Nanban style mackerel

Beef tenderloin slowly cooked and vegetables of the moment, pikle sharbet

Grill yellow tail fish Yuan Yuzu Style

Granita saké, Yuzu confit

Caviar and Botarga grilled by coal

Veal fillet saikyo style, Onigiri rice, Forest ratatouille

Daifuku of cacao with peach



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Open Tuesday - Saturday

Lunch 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Dinner 7:30pm - 10:00pm

The Journey

Served 12 dishes - principaly created base by fish of mediterranean sea

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