Discover our Giftcards and Money pots

Choose a gift card with the amount of your choice and let the beneficiary take advantage of it as she/he wants.








Offer a gift card

Can't choose the perfect gift from all that we offer? Don't panic! Gift cards are for you.

Minimum amount:

79 €

Validity length:

182 days

Create a money pot

Invite your friends to participate in a common pot! The total amount entered will then be turned into a gift voucher, which can be used freely within our establishment!

Why create a money pot on our eshop?

  • No fees applied: 1 € added to your money pot is 1 € of spending!
  • No use limitation: the beneficiary is free to choose any of our services up to his whishes.
  • Easy to use: few clicks are needed to create your money pot, no account needed!

1. Create

Create a payment pot online quicly and easily

2. Invite

Invite friends or family to take part in the payment pot

3. Collect

The money collected will then be turned into a gift voucher

4. Spend

The beneficiary enjoys an outstanding time!